“Our class stemmed from learning how to code and work with the Robot House at Sci-Arc. We needed to

come up with a final deliverable that would help us learn

how to use the robots and work through the process of coding for them” Michelon and Nanu explains. “We were aiming to find ways and solutions to 3D print

directly on the mannequin. Along with our inspirations, these techniques also influenced the figure

forms of our project, Armor.” When asked where digital

fabrication will take fashion and architecture both stated, “It will allow for more design options and alternatives in both fashion and architecture. The robots can allow for precision and optimization in new materials and discovering geometries. The robots are a supportive tool to approach this exploration.”

Armor: 3D Printed Breastplate for Intro to Digital Fabrication by Laure Michelon and Silvia Nanu - Instructor Curime Batliner Image © Curime Batliner

© Silvia Nanu, Vienna / Austria