Data jungle.


Data jungle

In the heart of the digital domain,
Where data streams like a vibrant vein,
There lies a jungle, wild and grand,
A realm of bytes, an electronic land.

In the Data Jungle, where circuits twine,
Plants of code with branches entwine.
Binary blooms in radiant hues,
Each bit a petal, a choice to choose.

The trees are servers, reaching high,
Their roots in algorithms, touching the sky.
Information vines in a complex dance,
Weaving tales of a virtual trance.

Flowers of encryption, secrets they keep,
Guardians of data in slumber deep.
A symphony of ones and zeros hum,
Nature's code, a digital drum.

The sunlight filters through clouds of code,
Creating patterns on the virtual road.
Streams of data like rivers flow,
In the Data Jungle, where dreams grow.

Creatures of logic, byte-sized and wise,
With silicon hearts and circuitry eyes.
They roam the jungle with purpose clear,
In the realm where algorithms steer.

Amidst the foliage of pixelated leaves,
A harmony of data, the jungle conceives.
Life in binary, a digital spin,
In the Data Jungle, where worlds begin.

So let us journey to this land unseen,
In the heart of circuits, where bytes convene.
The Data Jungle, where life takes root,
A realm of wonder, in cyberspace, afoot.

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© Silvia Nanu, Vienna / Austria