The VO[I]X is an educational entertainment and performance center; inspired by Bertholds Brecht “Verfremdungseffekt” and Cedric Prices “Fun Palace”:
THE VO[I]X is examining the relationship between individual and society. The fourth wall is preventing people from consciously reflecting, by breaking the 4 th wall and its fragmentation, the distance from society creates a space of friction, an autonomous space of uncertainty, which leaves space open for imagination and reflection. It’s endlessly in the progress of construction; as an “Anti-Building” for the fucture.

The VO[I]X is a multilayered landscape with decentral spaces for the users to inhabit.
It’s a plattform open for discussions which turns the urban space into one supfersurface which is hacking heldenplatz.

© Silvia Nanu, Vienna / Austria